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Easily Find New Hotel Guests with Existing Data Assets - Improve marketing outcomes with TargetingHub

Guest Post: Vizergy launches TargetingHub to improve access to data assets at hotels and turn prospects into new guests through digital marketing.

Guest Post by: Tim Henthorn | CEO, Accubace

As seen on Accubase

Solution Introduction

Vizergy, located in Jacksonville, Florida launched TargetingHub™ earlier this year.

This new hotel analytics and planning solution complements the Vizergy Marketing System, enabling it to extract property level data from core property systems and support the planning and advertising initiatives of the hotel.

This need is common to most marketers, and hoteliers are no exception given their data often resides within multiple systems, such as: hotel management systems (HMS or PMS), point of sale (POS) and guest relationship management (GRM or CRM) systems, to name a few.

TargetingHub now makes it possible to extract, load and cleanse this data and ready it for use in marketing programs all within a cloud-based, desktop and browser environment.