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Vizergy Reports Record-Breaking Year-Over-Year Growth In First Half Of 2018

Agency achieves strong year-over-year growth in revenue, profitability, client count, and product development, with deliberate shift toward technology.

Vizergy Digital Marketing, the industry’s leading provider of digital marketing software and services, announced record-breaking sales and client growth through May of 2018.   The company, based in Jacksonville, FL, attributes its success to several different factors.

The Google Maps Platform Update and Pricing Changes

Google recently announced a series of updates to Google Maps Platform designed to make it easier for businesses to take better advantage of new location-based features and products to drive innovation.

The move toward this new Maps organization began in March, when Google announced the first industry solution for game studios to create real-world games using Google Maps data, which has since expanded with solutions for ridesharing and asset-tracking businesses.

The goal of these updates is to evolve core APIs to make them simpler, easier to use and scalable as businesses grow.

TargetingHub will forever change the way you do marketing for the better.

Vizergy® is excited to announce the release of a new marketing industry whitepaper, written by Tim Henthorn, CEO of Accubase Inc., that discusses TargetingHub™ and how the solution makes a data driven omni channel approach to marketing easier for hoteliers and marketers across industries.

Joe Hyman, CEO of Vizergy Digital Marketing prefaces the whitepaper by saying “TargetingHub simplifies omni-channel marketing, leveraging data assets and bringing high-return direct channels within reach as a viable consumer business throttle.  Our clients can simply and quickly identify guests that are most likely to book and launch specific campaigns designed for those data sets.    Conversion soars, new customers are found, and profits are maximized”.

Google Update - Bracket Update & Mobile First Index

Google Core Algorithm Update & Mobile-First Index Madness

​As you may already be aware, there has been a broad, core update to the Google algorithm in the month of March.

The Update

At Vizergy, we are seeing heavy volatility in keyword rankings – namely in the number of keywords our sites are ranking for.   This has caused a significant drop or increase in web traffic.

Like any earthquake, the aftershocks are still rolling through.

This update has been referred to as “March Madness” and hence has earned the unofficial nickname “Brackets Update” (but Google won’t name it officially since it is a core algorithm update.)

Many smaller updates followed throughout the weeks of March and Google confirmed this core algorithm update did in fact take place.

Keep in mind that this is volatility and not the norm and it WILL calm down.  SERPS (Search Engine results Pages) are changing and calibrating, where as some sites may feel a more significant interruption than others.

Our search marketing team continues to enhance the authority and relevancy of client sites while proactively monitoring the impact of the update within Vizergy’s CMS.