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Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Social media can be a very valuable tool for any business, but hoteliers especially. Active social media accounts help to grow brand awareness, tell a property’s story and even increase overall revenue. For hoteliers to accomplish increased traffic through social engagements, it is imperative to have a well thought out social strategy that includes quality content. 

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Are you following best practices in e-mail?

Now more than ever, smart marketers rely on email to reach and engage with their audience. If done right, email can be one of the highest digital marketing ROI channels available. However, without proper list management, your email marketing program may not be performing to its full potential.

The Google Maps Platform Update and Pricing Changes

Google recently announced a series of updates to Google Maps Platform designed to make it easier for businesses to take better advantage of new location-based features and products to drive innovation.

The move toward this new Maps organization began in March, when Google announced the first industry solution for game studios to create real-world games using Google Maps data, which has since expanded with solutions for ridesharing and asset-tracking businesses.

The goal of these updates is to evolve core APIs to make them simpler, easier to use and scalable as businesses grow.