Client Generates Over $275k with TargetingHub Email Campaigns

Vizergy’s client is a relatively small property just outside of San Diego, CA. In the past year of utilizing the TargetingHub customer data platform for their email marketing, they have been able to grow their database by 2,615 new contacts.

Vizergy’s customer data platform, TargetingHub, has allowed our client to identify their most profitable customers and specifically target more customers that look just like them. With TargetingHub, they were able to append PMS data and generate lists of their most ideal target audiences. Taking the generated lists of prospects, our client was able to send targeted email campaigns specific to their desired demographic, their interests, preferences, and buying tendencies.

From March 2018 to now, they have generated $275,574 in revenue – an impressive ROI of 43.74 from what they paid for a year of full-service email. The client utilized Vizergy’s enhanced email, along with triggered emails to generate direct bookings.

Want to learn how you can maximize your ROI with TargetingHub & enhanced email? Contact us today! To learn more about how to create targeted email campaigns based off segmentation of your current PMS data, request a demo of TargetingHub.

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