Can your Hospitality CRM segment like this?

Product Spotlight: TargetingHub

During the month of October, the client was interested in sending a past guest email that was specifically segmented to advertise the free and discounted admission available at various attractions, events and restaurants in the local area that were child friendly.
Using Vizergy’s proprietary data marketing platform, TargetingHub, the client was able to specifically segment  a list filtering the data with only guests who contained  the “Household Children Present” data field that was appended to the clients existing email database. By segmenting using that field, not only was the client able to filter out irrelevant past guests who may not have resonated with the content, but was also able to create a specific marketing persona of past guests that have children within their household. Thus allowing for the email to effectively speak to past guests with children,  creating loyalty and personalization. Results from the e-mail blast below!


Results Submitted by TargetingHub Expert, Brandon Mitchell.

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