CMS Enhancements: Calendar Widget Updates!

The Vizergy Calendar Widget Has Been Updated To Benefit Natural Search Tactics

Updates include: Performer and Location/Venue fields that can be entered for events.

What does this mean for Vizergy clients?

All Vizergy clients utilizing the calendar widget on Vizergy’s CMS will have the ability to enter this information to enable the events to show in more Google search result areas.

The widget also provides a new ability for users to clone a stand-alone event or series of events which will speed up the process of creating new events.

Lastly, every page in the calendar widget now receives a canonical URL in the markup which will help prevent duplicates in search results and make sure Google is indexing your pages exactly how we want them.

*In the past, only the detail view of the event had a canonical URL provided.

For more in-depth details on these features or to purchase this widget, contact us!