The Texican Court Launches New Website

Responsive Design with A Classic User Experience

The Texican Court came to Vizergy with a specific brand identity and gave us the task of designing an optimized, responsive website, that had a Texas feel.

The Valencia Group, a luxury hotel management company, is an expert in giving their hotel properties personality and creative guest experiences, Texican Court is no exception. Equipped with the brand outline and directions to design a website that evokes the authentic feeling of wearing cowboy boots in the middle of Texas, the Vizergy team channeled a 60’s western vibe and got to work.

The Design Process

Utilizing burned edges and heavy textures in our design, we created a gritty feeling that reminded us of a Clint Eastwood westerns and cactus-lined deserts. Incorporating sarape patterns, brush textures, and tile patterns we rounded out the Texas mission feel. We also used animations and large imagery to bring this website into the 21st century, while still giving it an old western feel.

Website Features

Interactive Panels:

The Texican Court had many calls to action on their site. We organized them into 3 interactive panels on the home page to improve ease of access for users.

Modal Pop Up (Date Rate Search Box):

We designed a date rate search box, with the user’s needs at the forefront of the design process. A modal pop up makes the DRSB stand out and gives the user complete focus when selecting their desired booking.

Check out the full site here: The Texican Court

To see more of Vizergy’s Website Designs, visit our portfolio.

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