The Google Maps Platform Update and Pricing Changes

Google recently announced a series of updates to Google Maps Platform designed to make it easier for businesses to take better advantage of new location-based features and products to drive innovation.

The move toward this new Maps organization began in March, when Google announced the first industry solution for game studios to create real-world games using Google Maps data, which has since expanded with solutions for ridesharing and asset-tracking businesses.

The goal of these updates is to evolve core APIs to make them simpler, easier to use and scalable as businesses grow.

The Updates and Pricing Changes

Beginning on June 11, 2018, businesses will need a valid API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account to access Google’s core products (Maps, Routes and Places).  Google Maps Platform users will need to enable billing and payment with a credit card to minimize downtime and performance issues.

The New Pricing Plan

With a new, one-size-fits-all, pay-as-you-go plan, developers will receive the first 28,000 map calls/visits (~$200 of monthly usage) for free.

Google estimates that most sites will not exceed the free tier.  With this new pricing you’ll pay only for the services you use each month with no annual costs, up-front fees, commitments, termination fees or limits.

For sites that exceed the first 28,000 maps calls per month, Google will charge $7.00 per thousand map calls (after first 28,000 per month).

As your business grows or usage spikes, this new pricing is meant to scale with you.

Also, all Google Maps Platform support services to all businesses will now be free.

How Vizergy is Handling the Updates

When industry changes like this occur, Vizergy remains loyal to supporting clients’ digital marketing efforts in the most cost-effective way possible.  We have developed the following options to help address the Google Maps price changes.

  1. Simply provide payment information with a credit card to Google Maps. This keeps your website map as is, but Google requires a credit card on file for Map API users.  Your account is only charged the $7.00 per thousand map calls fee if you exceed the 28,000-monthly limit.

Example Scenario:
Your website receives 52,000 map calls in a single month.
52,000 – 28,000 (free map calls) = 24,000
24,000 x $7.00 = $168 total cost for that month.

  1. Replace Google Map. Vizergy can replace your map with a static map image that links to a Google Map page in a new tab with your property address automatically embedded.  (There is a one-time fee of $250 for development time.)
  2. Remove Google Map. Vizergy can remove the map from your website at no cost, unless the page requires additional styling.

If no action is taken by June 11, 2018, and your monthly traffic exceeds 28,000 map calls per month, your map will no longer function for the remainder of the month.

Clients can contact their Vizergy Account Manager or Customer Service Representative to discuss how to proceed given the options above.

Contact Vizergy at 800.201.1949 or email by June 11, 2018.

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