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Keys to Leadership – let your team be your inspiration

The thing that lights me up during the day more than anything else is watching the members of my team have that ‘Eureka’ moment when the lightbulb goes off and something they’ve been struggling with for some time finally clicks.

Perhaps it’s that javascript code syntax they haven’t nailed yet, their umpteenth design comp revision or parsing through a terse website ADA report.

When they work through the challenge and the solution final settles on them, there is a very real electric energy that lights up their face and collective cheers abound.

Areas where I can be helpful as a leader are to know when to jump in, offer feedback or guidance, but then let them work through the problem on their own. This provides the best quality of learning. It is tempting to want to jump in and solve the issue directly, if it is an area where I may have the know-how, but then the team never grows and I may become stretched too thin.

So it’s more a matter of finding that balance, offering praise and encouragement along the way, and assessing where I may need to have a more “hands on” approach.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your team crush their goals, grow their skills and knowledge, and the sense of accomplishment they feel at passing that milestone.

Sean Dampier - Creative Director at Vizergy Digital MarketingMy part is just knowing that I was able to provide some fertile ground for this personal growth happening around me.  A bit of a teacher’s heart that’s in me – part of the joy I have as a father, as a team leader and mentor.

Putting the dreams, goals and aspirations of your team members not necessarily in front of your own but as a main focus of your daily work, will awaken the “Servant’s Heart” within you.

When your team knows you have “their back”, care about their challenges and that you can help provide the tools they need to meet their challenges head-on, they will thrive, become more productive, and derive a true sense of satisfaction in their work.

This will have a positive effect on the overall culture of your organization.

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