Hurricane Irma Update: Vizergy is Back In Action and Wants to Offer a Helping Hand

As Hurricane Irma leaves her mark on Florida, we would like to thank our clients, competitors, friends and family for your concern and patience through this disaster.  We truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

At this time, we are thankful to report that all the members of our Vizergy family have checked in and are safe.  The Jacksonville area was hit especially hard with flooding.  The storm affected certain areas of the city more than others, leaving downed trees and debris that will take several weeks to clean up.

Despite this time of disaster and uncertainty, our team was able to maintain office hours, taking care of clients’ needs and continually delivering superior service.   Due to the adept planning and preparation of our company’s many leaders, we never experienced any outages, all client websites performed throughout the storm, and all traffic was served from our primary data center.  Our goal from the outset was to make sure our people were safe and cared for – and that our client’s businesses were not impacted in any way by Irma.    We were able to accomplish both of those goals.

To show you the kind of care that abounds in the hospitality community, I wanted to share a message that was sent to me from a competitor that I was especially touched by.  It is truly something special when even direct competitors are willing to reach out and offer assistance in our time of need.   Below is the email I received from Mike Wylie the day before the storm hit.

“Hey Joe,

I am not sure how bad the hurricane will hit you there but I wanted to let you know we would be happy to help with some office space if anyone wants to head to Dallas.  Also, let me know if we can help with clients if everyone will be offline.  We can figure out how to keep them managed for you behind the scenes.

I am around after 6PM today and all weekend.  Saying prayers for you, your family and employees!

Thanks, Mike”

We know that many hotels and resorts are busy restoring their businesses to normalcy in the Southeast U.S. and the Caribbean, but we want you to know that we’re here to help.  We also know that other digital agencies may be unable to assist you, as they are dealing with after-storm challenges themselves.   In the spirit of hospitality and inspired by our friend Mike’s generosity, Vizergy would like to pay it forward.    
We invite all affected properties to call us should you need any storm-related assistance regarding your website, content management system, digital platform or booking engine issues – regardless of whether you are a Vizergy client or not.  
Some of the things we can do to help:
  • Contact OTA’s for you
  • Manage or update your website using any CMS
  • Email hosting or website hosting
  • Help with management of your GDS inventory, Sabre, Travel Click, Wind Surfer
Please contact us, we are happy to help – AT NO COST TO YOU.  Call us at 904-389-1130 or email 

Here are some pictures of the devastation and flooding that occurred in the Jacksonville Area.

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