TargetingHub will forever change the way you do marketing for the better.

Vizergy® is excited to announce the release of a new marketing industry whitepaper, written by Tim Henthorn, CEO of Accubase Inc., that discusses TargetingHub™ and how the solution makes a data driven omni channel approach to marketing easier for hoteliers and marketers across industries.

Joe Hyman, CEO of Vizergy Digital Marketing prefaces the whitepaper by saying “TargetingHub simplifies omni-channel marketing, leveraging data assets and bringing high-return direct channels within reach as a viable consumer business throttle.  Our clients can simply and quickly identify guests that are most likely to book and launch specific campaigns designed for those data sets.    Conversion soars, new customers are found, and profits are maximized”.

TargetingHub takes a complex marketing issue and simplifies it by accelerating the path to finding new guests from digital channels by turning data into actions that engage customers, improve conversions, and deliver more relevant content.

“The Vizergy® Marketing System and TargetingHub™ represent a next generation marketing platform – enabling hotels to manage guest data, design advertising campaigns, reach similar prospective customers and measure omni-channel performance.”

Businesses today are challenged with the proper use (and misuse in some cases) of their data.  TargetingHub shows marketers how using their data can help them grow revenue from assets that they already own.

Henthorn concludes in the whitepaper that TargetingHub is a market leading solution designed to bridge the gap between leveraging data assets and campaign deployment.  The quantifiable value and core benefits that TargetingHub offers include:

  • Accessibility of improved information for making better advertising decisions
  • Reduction in time required to launch a campaign, stemming from:
    • Access to highly relevant insights about prospects
    • A robust selection of pre-defined, relevant campaign ideas
  • Improved communication across revenue and marketing teams
  • Heightened ability to measure campaign performance across channels and customer segments

Read the whitepaper today!

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Easily Find New Hotel Guests with Existing Data Assets - Improve marketing outcomes with TargetingHub

Guest Post: Vizergy launches TargetingHub to improve access to data assets at hotels and turn prospects into new guests through digital marketing.

Guest Post by: Tim Henthorn | CEO, Accubace

As seen on Accubase

Solution Introduction

Vizergy, located in Jacksonville, Florida launched TargetingHub™ earlier this year.

This new hotel analytics and planning solution complements the Vizergy Marketing System, enabling it to extract property level data from core property systems and support the planning and advertising initiatives of the hotel.

This need is common to most marketers, and hoteliers are no exception given their data often resides within multiple systems, such as: hotel management systems (HMS or PMS), point of sale (POS) and guest relationship management (GRM or CRM) systems, to name a few.

TargetingHub now makes it possible to extract, load and cleanse this data and ready it for use in marketing programs all within a cloud-based, desktop and browser environment.

TargetingHub facilitates simplified analysis, planning and launching of advertising campaigns across multiple marketing solutions.  A hotel’s website, search, social, email and direct mail are the primary channels where these campaigns may be run.

As a result, hotels are able to increase brand awareness, place their hotel into the search stream of the online user and generate direct bookings in support of the marketing objectives within their annual marketing plan.

Role Within a Hotel’s MarTech Infrastructure

TargetingHub is a flexible system in that it is able to retrieve data assets from most software systems with either basic data exports or more sophisticated data interfaces.  Further to this, it is able to work within the context of the numerous flavors of marketing technology infrastructures that may exist at the property level.

Whether a property is influenced by the marketing capabilities of a brand, its own marketing and technology decisions, or a combination thereof, TargetingHub is designed to connect to hotel data assets, generate consumer insights and then guide the design of campaigns in selected advertising channels. These channels enable the hotel to reach more guests based either on the characteristics of their previous guests or the demographic and geographic characteristics of similar, prospective guests.

TargetingHub’s data management functionality is useful for many purposes, but the solution is laser focused on generating new customers through the aforementioned advertising channels. As a result, TargetingHub sits in a crucial position for hotels in that it builds upon the value of the existing hotel system data and both simplifies and increases the effectiveness of campaign analysis, design and deployment.

Further to this point, its position within the surrounding ecosystem of hotel technology allows it to work well with low, mid or high maturity marketing technology infrastructures.

Part of the reason for this is that it contains some highly sophisticated software technologies as part of its own architecture, including Vizergy’s proprietary solutions along with multiple, well-known systems with expansive capability sets.

Core Capabilities

The key facets of TargetingHub provide the capability to extract and manage data assets for the purpose of planning digital marketing campaigns. However, the system goes beyond basic data reporting by generating demographically based consumer insights about the guests that have previously stayed at the property.

It is this information that improves the hotel marketer’s ability to design and plan advertising campaigns, which the system facilitates. Briefly stated, the system enhances the inputs for the advertising solutions, but then goes a step further.

It aggregates data from across the advertising platforms where campaigns were implemented and tracks performance, allowing the marketing function to continuously improve its advertising targeting and results.

A more comprehensive discussion about TargetingHub’s capabilities may be found in Vizergy’s whitepaper, “Easily Find New Hotel Guests with Existing Data Assets”.

This whitepaper was written by Accubase on behalf of Vizergy.

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Customer Data Importing Customer Data Management
Customer Insights Reporting Customer Demographics Reporting
View Advertising Channels View Advertising Sites
Campaign Planning Manage Ad Targeting Parameters
Marketing Calendar Collaboration
Workflow Campaign Measurement
Analytics Campaign Reporting

Standard Configurations

TargetingHub requires some configuration, for instance with its need to connect to data sources. While this does require setup, it is able to read data in standard formats, eliminating any reliance on a particular hotel’s choices for interface standards or systems.

The frequency of the data updates may also be throttled based on the needs of the business.

Properties may contain numerous systems or combinations of systems, creating complexity in the location of all viable data assets.

TargetingHub is able to connect to these software systems, providing the marketer access to guest information and their respective reservation activity from any interfaced data source. This allows a hotel to start fast and add new data sources based on business value and return on investment.

When considering multiple properties, TargetingHub is able to be implemented across a portfolio of hotel assets and the resulting solution becomes accessible for further analysis related to both operations and performance measurement of marketing programs at each individual location.

The underpinnings that are less apparent to the hotel deploying this solution stem from software partnerships with IBM, Adobe, Google, Facebook and Sojern.

The solutions from each of these companies enable a sophisticated set of capabilities that are usually only affordable at the brand level with a significant investment in data science tools and resources. The sheer power of this combination of technologies is impressive.

Budgets & Resources

Regarding money, people, time and technology (MPTT), TargetingHub requires the first three and is the fourth.

The monthly cost is low, a few hundred dollars per month, especially when considering the power of the solution and the measurable results it should be able to achieve for most properties.

It does require qualified resources to manage it and provide guidance regarding planning and designing advertising campaigns. The solution speeds the design process as does the experience of the person or team responsible for it. Intelligently designed campaigns are the key to success, but the solution comes with many templates to guide the marketer.

Joe Hyman, CEO of Vizergy, summed it up nicely when he said, “TargetingHub simplifies omni-channel hotel marketing by leveraging hotel data assets and bringing high return direct channels within reach as a viable consumer business throttle.”

When reviewing the overall opportunity, return on investment and total cost of ownership of this solution, Accubase has a number of tools to assist you as you build and manage your budget, marketing plan and resources.

Contact Accubase or Vizergy to learn more and determine if TargetingHub is a worthwhile investment for your property or portfolio of hotels.

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Google Update - Bracket Update & Mobile First Index

Google Core Algorithm Update & Mobile-First Index Madness

​As you may already be aware, there has been a broad, core update to the Google algorithm in the month of March.

The Update

At Vizergy, we are seeing heavy volatility in keyword rankings – namely in the number of keywords our sites are ranking for.   This has caused a significant drop or increase in web traffic.

Like any earthquake, the aftershocks are still rolling through.

This update has been referred to as “March Madness” and hence has earned the unofficial nickname “Brackets Update” (but Google won’t name it officially since it is a core algorithm update.)

Many smaller updates followed throughout the weeks of March and Google confirmed this core algorithm update did in fact take place.

Keep in mind that this is volatility and not the norm and it WILL calm down.  SERPS (Search Engine results Pages) are changing and calibrating, where as some sites may feel a more significant interruption than others.

Our search marketing team continues to enhance the authority and relevancy of client sites while proactively monitoring the impact of the update within Vizergy’s CMS.

For More Information about the Google Algorithm Update, click here.

…And… because just one major change isn’t enough…

Mobile-First Indexing is FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Testing is done… whatever ‘grace’ period we have been in for the past year and a half is over… Google has officially announced that they have started migrating sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing.

Below is the announcement from Google themselves. Vizergy’s SEO Experts are staying on top of this change and are continuing to look for client site that have been indexed. Google will index the sites in waves and it is predicted to take several months.

For more information, click here.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact your Vizergy Account Manager or call 800.201.1949.

team high-five

Keys to Leadership – let your team be your inspiration

The thing that lights me up during the day more than anything else is watching the members of my team have that ‘Eureka’ moment when the lightbulb goes off and something they’ve been struggling with for some time finally clicks.

Perhaps it’s that javascript code syntax they haven’t nailed yet, their umpteenth design comp revision or parsing through a terse website ADA report.

When they work through the challenge and the solution final settles on them, there is a very real electric energy that lights up their face and collective cheers abound.