Pinterest: Why Your Hotel Should Take Interest

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The social media landscape is always shifting, so it’s no shock to know there is yet another influential player on the scene. But, while some hoteliers are familiar with Pinterest—the newest outlet for social sharing on the web—there are plenty more who aren’t quite sure how to tackle it as a marketing opportunity. With over 4 million people currently registered and about 1.5 million visits to the site each day, Pinterest is quickly and steadily gaining popularity over other social networking sites. Consider tuning into this channel to start leveraging the very attributes and characteristics that make your property and your customer experience unique and unforgettable—not to mention boost traffic to your website while doing so.

The Details

Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard: a social space where users gather to post or “pin” visually-stimulating content that appeals to them. “Pins” can be uploaded from your desktop or pulled directly from content you’ve already made available on the web. Graphics, photography, and videos are the main focus here as the site displays all content in a format that’s visually appealing and engaging for users. Consumers and businesses alike can register and create a profile on the site, giving them the ability to immediately start sharing (“pinning”) all sorts of content across various personalized and themed “boards.” Users also have the option to follow other users’ boards, as well as the ability to like, comment, and repin content shared by other users.

Why It Matters

Driving direct traffic to your hotel’s website is an important component of Pinterest and one that shouldn’t be overlooked when deciding whether or not to implement this channel into your digital marketing strategy. Pinterest accounts for about 3.6% in referral traffic, which is more than YouTube (1.05%), Google+ (0.22%), and LinkedIn (0.2%) percentages combined.

Getting active on Pinterest can help your property:

  • Engage with current and potential travel shoppers
  • Increase your visibility within your target market
  • Expand your reach with Pinterest-only pricing and contests
  • Boost traffic to your website and other social media outlets
  • Establish you as an authority on local events, landmarks, etc.

What This Means for Your Property

For those hotels who are already actively sharing in other social media outlets, Pinterest is yet another great opportunity to spread awareness about your property. The flexibility of the site makes it easy for your property to zero in on target travel shoppers by creating specialized boards to appeal to the various amenities, luxuries, and activities offered by your property or locale. Pinterest’s potential for creating and curating viral content is a characteristic that can contribute to an increase in the amount of traffic your site receives. The best way to fully utilize this social-sharing platform is to highlight and promote great content centered on your hotel and its location. This provides your hotel an added opportunity to engage with past and potential guests while driving traffic to your website or blog with great imagery, photography, or videos. The more you can connect with local businesses and promote popular attractions and events, the more you establish yourself as knowledgeable about your area and passionate about engaging with your audience.

Keep reading for information on whether or not your property can benefit from this social sharing site, plus a quick 10-step guide for getting your hotel started on Pinterest.

Joe Hyman

Founder, President and CEO of Vizergy® - Digital Travel Marketing, is an experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in sales, marketing and management. Joe is a business builder that started Vizergy®, formerly SECURE-RES, in 1998 which now touts over two billion dollars in direct bookings for his hospitality clients.

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