Going Above & Beyond on Facebook to Benefit Your Hotel

Support your property’s overall social media marketing initiatives by implementing Facebook’s key features and strategies for boosting your property’s social presence.

With more than 800 million users engaging in real-time through various channels, Facebook has become a global phenomenon. But, for hotels the basics aren’t enough anymore. The window for attracting and engaging travel shoppers continues to grow as the social network keeps making upgrades and adding new and improved features and functionalities.

To stay on top of all things social, our exclusive white paper takes you through some of the newest features and strategies currently used on Facebook Pages. We discuss the “whats” and “whys” behind key features, like Facebook Places, Questions, and Ads, before delving into specific strategies to increase your fan base and bookings, showcase your property, and encourage loyalty among your guests.

Meet more shoppers, book more rooms, and reward your returning guests. Boost your social media presence in 2012!

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Joe Hyman

Founder, President and CEO of Vizergy® - Digital Travel Marketing, is an experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in sales, marketing and management. Joe is a business builder that started Vizergy®, formerly SECURE-RES, in 1998 which now touts over two billion dollars in direct bookings for his hospitality clients.

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