Friday Five: Hospitality Articles of Interest

This week in particular has brought big changes, both in and outside of the VIZERGY office. Internally, we celebrated the promotion of Phil Faircloth (previously our Director of Client Marketing Services) to the well-deserved position of Director of Operations.

And, as always, we continue to watch as each new week never fails to bring exciting news to those of us dealing with digital marketing in the hospitality industry. Not only were we able to see Twitter break the standing TPS (tweets-per-second) record with a new all-time high, but we also witnessed yet another big change for marketers everywhere: Google’s new anti-spam algorithm.

Here’s our weekly dose of the best articles relating to hospitality and the challenges, changes, and news surrounding digital marketing initiatives:

What did you find most interesting this week? Leave a comment to let us know which articles we may have overlooked.

Joe Hyman

Founder, President and CEO of Vizergy® - Digital Travel Marketing, is an experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in sales, marketing and management. Joe is a business builder that started Vizergy®, formerly SECURE-RES, in 1998 which now touts over two billion dollars in direct bookings for his hospitality clients.

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