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SEO for Hotels and Resorts, Now, and in 2014


What do all the recent updates mean for your hotel or resort? By: Melissa Lyons, Senior Natural Search Analyst For hotel and resort owners, it’s normal to be concerned by the big updates announced by Google this year. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird,

Link Building: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

link building best practices

Link Building Tactics to Stay Away From By: Billy Jefferson, Senior Natural Search Analyst Although links have been and will continue to be a very important way of showing your website’s worth to search engines, I have seen many bad “link

Google Drops Keyword Data! What does it mean for your hotel?

Bye, keyword data… you won’t be missed as much as people think. By: Billy Jefferson, Senior Natural Search Analyst Google said goodbye to Keyword Centered SEO many moons ago.  I would say this started with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) when

The Latest and Greatest from Google: Offer Extensions

Add-ons built to generate clickthroughs and conversions for Hotels By: Frank Zamora, Senior Paid Search Analyst The newest addition to Enhanced Campaigns that Google has introduced is an incredibly valuable feature known as Offer Extensions. Previously in limited beta, this feature is included in

Google Enhanced Campaigns: Upgraded Ad Extensions

By: Frank Zamora, Senior Paid Search Analyst Enhanced Campaigns is bringing forth many new and upgraded features that Paid Search (PPC) Marketers can now use, among them are the Google Ad Extensions. These Ad Extensions are an expansion to the

Google Enhanced Campaigns: Understanding & Using Bid Adjustments

By: Carla Elvir, Senior Paid Search Analyst What are Enhanced Campaigns? Enhanced Campaigns are new types of Google AdWords campaigns that make it possible to target multiple devices in a simplified manner. With the older Legacy Campaigns, it was considered

What You Need to Know About Google Enhanced Campaigns

It’s coming on July 22, so get informed now! By: Maria Perret-Gentil, MBA, Senior Paid Search Analyst at Vizergy Enhanced Campaigns Defined Enhanced Campaigns are a new type of Google AdWords campaign that make it possible to target multiple devices

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