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SEO & PPC Working in Perfect Harmony

PPC & SEO Together

PPC & SEO – Better Together Most hoteliers still think of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC or paid search) as separate strategies functioning completely separate from each other. While it’s true that you could just employ the

Hey, social media planning is difficult…

Social Media Planning & Online Repuation

What does it actually take for a hotel to maintain it? Social media serves as a powerful way for your brand to develop and nurture a relationship with potential and existing customers. While there are hundreds of ways to build

The New & Improved Google Maps for Hotels

The new Google Maps

Revamping the Google Maps User Interface Google announced in May 2013 that they would be completely revamping the Google Maps user interface. Over the past nine months there have been added features and minor updates, as well as the opportunity

Six Things You Need to Know from Google’s “The 2013 Traveler” Study

2013 Google Traveler Research Study

Do you, as a hotelier, put yourself in the shoes of travel shoppers?  You should, and this study will help. If you missed Google’s full presentation, you can view it here. Although this insightful presentation was released in late 2013,

Does my hotel website even need to run PPC? In short, yes.

Cannibalization between SEO & PPC

Our cannibalization between SEO & PPC explains why. When running a paid campaign (as in pay-per-click advertising, or PPC), Vizergy often bids on terms that we rank well for naturally (from our search engine optimization, or SEO, efforts), and we may lose some natural traffic

Why Stopping SEO is Bad for Hotels

Is it bad to stop search engine optimization (SEO) for your hotel website?  Many hoteliers think, “Ok – my website is optimized; I don’t need search engine marketing services anymore. Having an initial optimization on my independent website is better

You Asked, and We Answered…

Vizergy Answers Questions from the Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Supply Show of the Southeast Vizergy recently attended the annual Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Supply Show of the Southeast (HMRSSS) in Myrtle Beach, SC, and we noticed several common questions and concerns coming from the show’s attendees. So… we decided to address the questions hoteliers are

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