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Dictate a Clear Purpose with Information Architecture

Conversion is king when it comes to web presence within the hospitality vertical. The more matter-of-fact way of saying it is, putting heads in beds. While it is vital to create an immediate emotional connection with a visitor to ensure

Vizergy Drops Support of Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer

Read more to learn why and how it affects your Vizergy designed website. Why drop support of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)? With the introduction of IE9, 10 and 11, IE8 is outdated, down to 3.82% of total Web browser market

Vizergy is a certified Google Partner… What does that mean for our clients?

By: Maria Perret-Gentil, MBA, Senior Paid Search Analyst So what does it mean when we say that Vizergy is a certified Google Partner? Holding the Google Partners badge means that Google trusts Vizergy to provide high quality digital marketing services. As a

Well hello there Panda 4.0, we’re happy to see you…

And excited that you’re rewarding hotel websites with quality content and user experiences! The Panda 4.0 Update On May 20, 2014, Google announced the release of their latest update – Panda 4.0.  While this search algorithm update may make some

No more hour long webinars… just #AskViz


Hoteliers, have you ever sat through a webinar only to get a fraction of the information you expected? Although webinars will continue to serve a purpose, we’re making a change. No more hour long webinars. No more 20 minute “buy our products” lecture

SEO & PPC Working in Perfect Harmony

PPC & SEO Together

PPC & SEO – Better Together Most hoteliers still think of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC or paid search) as separate strategies functioning completely separate from each other. While it’s true that you could just employ the

Hey, social media planning is difficult…

Social Media Planning & Online Repuation

What does it actually take for a hotel to maintain it? Social media serves as a powerful way for your brand to develop and nurture a relationship with potential and existing customers. While there are hundreds of ways to build

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