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Google Algorithm Update: Is Your Mobile Strategy Prepared?

Google Search on mobile device

The times are always changing when it comes to digital marketing and this week introduces yet another important change for your online strategy. Google officially announced its mobile algorithm update for release on April 21st.  “What in the heck is an

Views on the News: Quickness vs. Quality

There is a lot of talk swirling around the industry about big buyouts and tech behemoths emerging in the digital marketing sector for hotels. As of late, we have all heard the stories of Goliath’s buying up more and more

A Big Change with Google and Mobile

Google Developers Logo

Having a Mobile Friendly Site is no longer just important, it’s a MUST We believe that very soon the penalty for not having a mobile friendly website is going to be a harsh one.  SEOs and Webmasters everywhere have been

Patience is a Virtue Thanks to the Digital Revolution

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015! Just in the last few years we have really begun to move from an age of being digital tourists, strolling our way through the online landscape, to becoming savvy digital natives with the knowhow and

UX Sounds Cool

But Does It Mean Anything for Your Bottom Line? Agencies get mired in buzzwords as much as the military does with acronyms. Sure, there are certain levels of understanding when it comes to any specific industry nomenclature, but getting scoffed

Clear and Concise > Clever

And Three Tips to Ensure Your Site Adheres I’m no mathematician. In fact, I was quite ecstatic when I learned that I didn’t even have to take another math class after my junior year in high school. I guess you

Exclusive Google Partner Insights & Tools for 2015

By: Nicole VanNienwenhove, Paid Search Analyst As a Google certified partner, Vizergy continues to grow and evolve with the ever-changing marketing trends and practices. Exclusive insights and tools are provided to Vizergy straight from Google in order to meet specific

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