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Google’s focus on mobile brings about advertising opportunities for hoteliers. 

Google recently announced the company’s plans to use mobile-focused technology to drive business growth in a digital world where now, more than half of all web traffic comes from smart phones and tablets. The announcements were made at Google’s annual Performance Summit, where executives also talked about and demonstrated the major enhancements to Search, Display,  AdWords and Analytics platforms that will position Google to better serve advertisers and users in the coming year. Here’s an overview of advertising features that will soon be available  to you.

Expanded Text Ads for Search

Later this year Google will make Expanded Text Ads available to all advertisers. This will expand available ad text by 50%.  Longer text ads are more useful to mobile users, especially for users looking for information about a hotel or restaurant. By extending the character limit for headlines and description lines, advertisers have the opportunity to provide users with the best possible first impression in mobile search, enticing them to tap the link and visit your website.  Thus, longer headlines are more likely to deliver relevant users to your site.

Local Search Ads 

In the near future, ads based on local intent can appear across local search and Google Maps, helping advertisers to connect with users searching for a physical business location.  Hotels and restaurants using location extensions will be able to promote their location with promoted pins when users search on mobile for things like “hotels near me” or “restaurants near me.” On Maps, this means branded pins and promotional text, and a great opportunity to increase walk-in foot traffic and conversions.

Similar Audiences in Search

With Similar Audiences in Search, an expansion of Google’s existing display product, it’s now possible to identify and market to online users showing similar interest in your hotel or restaurant as users in your existing remarketing lists. By using powerful data to match online search behaviors, you can expand the reach of your remarketing campaigns and attract valuable users to your site with little effort.

Demographic Targeting for Search

Google will release this segmentation tool to all advertisers this year. You’ll be able to target your bids based on the demographics of the online users most likely to be interested in your restaurant or hotel.  Initially, gender and age will be available segments, but sources claim it likely for additional targeting groups to be announced later this year.

Display Ads on Mobile

It is now possible to provide Google with a headline, ad copy and image; which Google will use to automatically create responsive display ads that adjust to any site or app on the Google Display Network. The ads have a native-like appearance on the GDN, providing a better impression of your ad for users. In addition, this change opens up the opportunity for your ads to be present at nearly any moment across a magnitude websites and not limited by device. 

Cross-Exchange Inventory

Google has extended its reach for remarketing campaigns beyond its own Display Network. Your ads now have the opportunity to appear on sites within an addition 20-30 networks.  This expansion represents the ability for advertisers to access a much larger ad exchange inventory (meaning more available sites to show ads on) with the same precision as before.

Flexible Bidding

In the coming months advertisers will be able to set separate bid adjustments for mobile, desktop and tablet.  Your campaign may be more effective on one device over another, so having the flexibility to bid by device gives you the chance to focus your spend on the device that yields the best return. For example, restaurants and hotels with a high level of foot traffic may want to focus bids on mobile. Once you establish which device is most valuable, you can then set bid adjustments for other devices important to your campaign.

AdWords Interface

Changes to the AdWords interface will include a redesigned dashboard that will make it easier for Vizergy specialists to sort through data most important to clients.

As a Google certified partner, exclusive insights, betas, and tools are provided to Vizergy straight from Google in order to meet specific goals and market demands. These insights and tools include the latest paid search and display optimization methods, new platforms and products for our clients, and access to exclusive beta product trials and whitelisted products and upgrades direct from Google.In addition to the insights and tools, we have a dedicated Google strategist to educate our team on upcoming products, best practices, and more.

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Contributors: Whitney Simms, Corporate Marketing Coordinator, Vizergy and Nicole VanNienwenhove, Team Lead, Paid Search, Vizergy


Website traffic down? Here’s what to do.

Your hotel website is one of the most important tools for bringing in revenue. How long has it been since you reviewed your key revenue-driving stats? What should you do if you find your overall website traffic trending down instead of up?

You can’t fix something if you can’t identify the source of the problem. Sounds simple enough, right? Not always. With multiple metrics to monitor and more sources of traffic than ever, identifying the real problem can take a bit of digging. Knowing what channels are sending the right traffic to your site and what channels need the most help is only the start. If there haven’t been any major changes to rock the boat within your email marketing, social, or paid media – you can check several other areas (listed below) for potential causes in any downward trends.

Single source/channel dip. If a traditionally strong producing channel suddenly dips, it’s a good indicator something has broken somewhere. A simple check of tracking codes or broken links can sometimes be a quick fix.

Mobile/Responsive Design. Are you prepared for Mobilegeddon? Most of your competitor’s are. If customers don’t have a good user experience or your site is not mobile-ready, users will quickly abandon their search.

Vizergy Digital Travel Marketing Adds Key Leadership Positions



Jacksonville, Fla. – Vizergy – Digital Travel Marketing, the leading provider of online hospitality marketing, continues its tremendous growth with the addition of Julie Daniel as Senior Director, Client Marketing Services and Bill Gilchrist, Director, Business Development.

Daniel brings 15 years of integrated marketing experience to the Vizergy team. She most recently managed national and international marketing campaigns for major PGA Tour events, successfully increasing attendance, revenue and charity dollars for various tournaments. Daniel has a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape, having worked with US Bank and DXM Marketing Group, LLC.

Gilchrist brings more than 25 years of progressive business development, strategy, product and marketing experience to his role as Director, Business Development. He has sales leadership experience at TravelClick and Dolce Hotels & Resorts. Gilchrist has a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management from East Stroudsburg University.

“We continue to build momentum and expand worldwide as we bring useful, innovative digital marketing solutions to the hospitality industry which empower our clients to drive more direct revenue,” said Robert Arnold, president of Vizergy. “The addition of Julie Daniel and Bill Gilchrist to our sales and marketing teams further demonstrates our commitment to building a team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds who understand the challenges of our clientele.”

As the leading provider of online hospitality marketing, Vizergy – Digital Travel Marketing is devoted to passionately serving its clients by providing the best service, tools and understanding of the competitive and ever-changing digital landscape.

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About Vizergy®

Vizergy-Digital Travel Marketing serves the world’s travel and hospitality industry with fiercely competitive tools to maximize revenue. Our formula for success includes cutting-edge technologies, proven digital marketing programs and the best professionals in the industry.

At Vizergy, hospitality marketing is not only our mission, it’s our sole focus. For more than 15 years, Vizergy has relentlessly developed and deployed the best technologies and talent to serve thousands of hospitality clients with excellence. We deliver best-in-class solutions and the most meaningful results for our clients’ bottom lines. From complete responsive website design and development, to proven award–winning digital marketing programs, strategies, and media campaignsstrategies, and media campaigns, Vizergy deploys turnkey online marketing solutions to empower clients to win in today’s complex and competitive hospitality industry. For more information, please visit

melting pot launch new website

Vizergy and Melting Pot Launch New Website And Digital Marketing Campaign

Jacksonville-based digital marketing firm, Vizergy, was selected by The Melting Pot® Restaurants, Inc., the world’s premier fondue restaurant and a leading polished casual dining franchise, to build and implement a new website, as well as create a portal site for franchise owners to manage information for their individual locations.

The responsive website is designed to serve the restaurant’s customers the same effortless user experience across all devices. The mobile-first strategy is essential to helping users find restaurant locations.

“We are embracing technology to enhance customer communication and Vizergy has provided us with the necessary platform and tools to do so,” said Maryellen Torres, chief brand officer of Front Burner, franchise management company for The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. “In addition to the simplified reporting dashboard, our franchise owners are able to update their online menus and specials across all online listings with ease.”

As the premier fondue restaurant franchise, The Melting Pot was seeking a digital marketing vendor that could provide exceptional website design along with advanced digital solutions. Vizergy’s Web Management Platform equips franchise owners with the online tools essential to success. Busy franchise owners can easily access and interpret real-time reports and make website updates within an easy-to-use content management system.

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