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Google’s Removal of Right Rail Ads: 5 Keys to Improve Performance

“Since right rail ads have gone away, we have seen impressions jump by 25 percent, clicks have risen but not at the 25 percent rate. In fact, click-through has declined by one to two percent, “says Matt Kodatt, senior manager, digital marketing programs. “We’ve seen clients’ ROI improve.”

Google’s removal of right rail ads from its desktop search results a few months back is presenting several opportunities for hoteliers savvy enough to take full advantage. Now is the perfect time to step back and reevaluate your overall search strategy. This is not a doomsday situation, as many industry blog posts have stated. But in fact, could be a real opportunity to improve online performance. With a better, uncluttered search experience for users and more visibility options available, there are several opportunities to gain attention and clicks on Google search results.

Here are ways your hotel can take advantage to optimize against the latest search changes.


What Google’s Removal of Right Rail Ads Means for Hospitality Marketers

In a surprising move to even seasoned digital marketers, Google removed right rail ads from its desktop search results. The search marketing team at Vizergy is accustomed to Google’s ongoing algorithm updates and changes to AdWords, but we want to explain why this change is worth paying attention to.

Here’s what has changed:

Text ads will no longer appear to the right side of search results. Now four ads appear above organic search results. Three additional ads are shown below organic search results.

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Vizergy brings latest industry advancements to its clients with Nutanix

Vizergy’s Director of IT awarded membership to exclusive technology group

Jacksonville, Fla. – Vizergy, the leading provider in online hospitality marketing, is pleased to announce its Director of IT, Eric Miller, as one of the more than 100 Nutanix Technology Champions across the globe.

As a Nutanix Technology Champion, Miller is a part of a group of IT professionals committed to expanding their knowledge, strengthening their brands and becoming thought leaders in the enterprise cloud.  Vizergy continues to invest in the best people, training and technology to ensure clients have the best available website solutions.